Why Facebook?

According to Statista, there are more than 2.6 billion active monthly Facebook users across the globe. Facebook is the most used social media across the globe with more number of active users, Facebook is not only a platform for social connect it has also become an effective platform for businesses. In this article let us discuss the marketing tools in this most popular social media platform.

Marketing through Facebook:

According to Facebook, there are more than 160 million businesses which are using Facebook to reach their potential customers to build their brand and sell their offerings. A recent report by Statista says that 98% of Facebook revenue was generated through advertising. This shows that most businesses irrespective of the size from small to large prefer Facebook for advertising.

Facebook has a different type of ad campaigns which are tailor-made for your business to reach and make your ads visible to your target audiences precisely from targeting very few people to many, based on various criteria such as targeting people based on their location by choosing a particular country or a specific area or targeting people based on their demographics such as age, gender, education, occupation, job title etc. and also helps in targeting people based on interest and behaviour.

Facebook has a dynamic ad campaign set up which helps the business to upload their product catalogue and it automatically displays the right product to the right people according to their interactions and engagements within Facebook.

Facebook ads also help businesses to display their ads particularly to their custom list of audiences. It also helps in retargeting our customers who already visited our website, app Facebook page, etc. by showing personalized ads to them.

Facebook also has different ad experiment tools which conduct various ad tests to find the best suitable, cost-effective ad campaigns, Also by comparing the ad campaigns it helps to understand your audiences and optimize your ads accordingly.

Without a doubt, Facebook is the right social media for advertising as it contains most number of active users in all age groups and with its cost-effective and tailor-made marketing tools helps the business to reach a wide range of audiences which helps to grow and develop their brand and business.

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About the Author:

Balaje is a self-motivated person. As a B.Com graduate currently pursuing an MBA, he has recently started to write blogs using simple words that easily resonates with the target audience. 

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