The role of Chatbots for lead generation!

What does chatbot really mean? Chatbots are nothing more than computer programs that automatically simulate human conversation, either through text or voice. It makes use of artificial intelligence and is widely used in many applications. We will see how a chatbot is used for marketing purposes, as well as the needs and benefits of using a chatbot to perform lead generation on social media platforms and also websites.

Importances of Chatbot:

Let us take a scenario where there is no chatbot present. The customer enters your website, searches for specific information and wants to interact with you immediately. But then finds no option to contact you, and then leaves the site and switches onto your competitor.

A chatbot is primarily used for instantly interacting with your website visitors by understanding their needs. This can be done through a bot which is already fed with predefined questions and answers. It can also be done by a person who responds to the messages sent by the visitor in real-time. The second option works well, however, you can’t expect a person to work round the clock and respond to messages instantly. 

A chatbot welcomes the website visitor with “Welcome to our website” message. A formal greet is the best way to start any interaction. This is what a chatbot does exactly. It collects details from the website visitors and then suggests them frequent questions that potential customers would ask. It helps the customer feel satisfied with finding information and helps in instantly building a good rapport. In fact, this is the most important part of lead generation. As a business owner, when you get information about your customers and details to contact them, what more do you need?

A chatbot does exactly that! It helps businesses generate leads in an effective manner.

Benefits of using it:

The absence of a chatbot demands a customer service person. If there are possibilities of more interactions on the site, which might be due to an Ad that you are running, we need to assign the job to a person who should be employed 24×7 just to respond to messages shown on the site. A well-equipped chatbot works round the clock and helps you get information readily dropped to your email box, from where you can take the business interactions to the next stage.

Here are a few key benefits of using a chatbot on your site:

      • Available 24×7 – Answers customer questions Anytime
      • Save time and money
      • Provide multiple and quick responses to develop good customer relationship
      • Keep the customer engaged and result in them spending more time on the site and exploring more about our offerings
      • Generate leads and also extract key information which will be really useful for subsequent interactions
      • Useful for most businesses

        Chatbot based lead generation strategies generally work well. However, have chatbots become really strong from an AI standpoint and can be useful for a wide range of businesses? That is a tough question to answer. With technology becoming smarter day by day, it’s evident that chatbots are only going to get better in the days to come. Till then, chatbots will remain a cost-effective means to generate leads but not a fully reliable tool for most businesses.

Abilash E

Abilash E



Abilash is a creative thinker. He has recently started writing articles to showcase his creative thoughts in the field of digital marketing. His self interest backed with creative thinking and analyzing skills has turned him into a blogger. With deep love towards creativity, he wants others also to experience the same magic. Abilash is also a graphic designer who comes up with out of the box thoughts when it comes to delivering a marketing message through creatives.

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