Timeline of “Stories” option in social media.

Snapchat was the first to introduce the “Stories” option in October 2013, followed by Instagram in august 2016, Facebook in March 2017, WhatsApp in February 2017 and twitter in 2020.

What is the use of the stories option?

The idea behind the stories option in every social media is one and the same, that is to share the moments instantly in the form of photos or videos. All social media stories function has 24 hours’ time limit and disappears after that. Businesses are also using this stories function to promote their products/services to their targeted audience. Now let’s look into the different functions of stories option in each and every social media.

Snapchat stories

As mentioned earlier, Snapchat was the first social media platform to introduce stories function in the year 2013. It has three types of story options namely my story, group story and our story, The stories can be shared with friends or with a particular group or with specific people. According to statista, there are more than 229 million active users around the world and over 200 million snaps are created every day. Snapchat stories are also used by business to promote their ads through stories.

Instagram stories

Instagram was the second social media to bring this feature in 2016, but it was more successful in implementing this feature than Snapchat. According to Instagram, more than 500 million accounts use their story function every day. Instagram stories function is similar to the Snapchat stories which can add photos, videos with filters, stickers, music files and so on. and users can hide or show the stories to particular accounts.

Instagram for business is growing day by day and businesses are using the story mode to advertise their products/services. Statistics show that 90% of accounts follow at least one business on Instagram, 1/3 of most-viewed Stories are from businesses.

Facebook stories

Facebook came out with this feature in 2017 and at present (2020) it has more than 1.73 billion active users daily. It has also more than 80 million small business pages and it has 500 million active story users daily. Businesses are moving towards story ads more than feed ads due to their lower costs. More than 3 million advertisers are using Facebook stories for advertising. Facebook stories function also has similar features as other social media.

WhatsApp stories

WhatsApp came out with the story function in the name of “status” in 2017. According to Statista, there are more than 500 million active story users daily with 1.5 billion active users. WhatsApp stories function is similar to other social media stories function and it is visible only to the WhatsApp contacts.

Twitter stories.

Twitter was the latest one to come up with the same stories function similar to other social media and it named it “Fleets”. According to TechCrunch, Twitter has 55 million daily active users in India and it has been successfully testing the stories function to increase their user engagements.

Stories prove successful across all social Media platforms both from entertainment as well as a business standpoint. With the right message delivered at the right quality, your stories can create brand awareness, invoke interest in your offerings and also generate business opportunities. 

About the Author:

Balaje is a self-motivated person. As a B.Com graduate currently pursuing an MBA, he has recently started to write blogs using simple words that easily resonates with the target audience.

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