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Are you looking for the best spoken English institute in Chennai?

Come and learn with Aorta, the best Spoken English Institute in Chennai offering the best environment to learn, speak and get the fluency of English just right.

Learn to speak English fluently from Aorta:

Aorta offers the best Spoken English classes in Chennai that aims to develop the person’s ability to write and speak English efficiently. Our primary focus towards our students would be to help them speak English and develop in very important areas like Fluency, body language, public speaking, developing positive attitude and building interview cracking skills. Being one of the best providers of spoken English classes in Chennai, our team at Aorta has developed the best study materials to help you be a fluent English speaker.  

Who can take up Spoken English classes? 

  • Candidates who aim to perform better during job interviews.
  • Professionals working in IT/non IT sectors facing challenges with English communication
  • Parents aiming to improve their English communication
  • Candidates planning to move to English speaking countries

The Syllabus we follow at Aorta:

At Aorta, we have categorised the course of study into three different levels.

LEVEL 1 – The Foundation Level

LEVEL 2 – The Intermediate Level

LEVEL 3 – The Advanced Level

If you are planning to take up classes at the best spoken English course in Chennai, just walk into our centre and get assessed by the trainer to know where you currently stand in English skills. Based on the assessment, our expert trainer will recommend you to pick the level that best meets your goal

We have designed promising course content for fluency in situational and conversational English. From fundamental to advanced spoken English course, we provide classes that are very easily understandable.

Fundamental spoken English syllabus: (Duration: 30 Hours)

Spoken English Classes Chennai

The foundation level spoken English course from Aorta Institute is perfect for students with a very little knowledge of speaking in English and the ones who struggle to speak English in their daily lives. Moreover, our spoken English classes are comprised of English conversations and short activities which include the practice of our everyday tasks like telephonic conversations, shopping, and basic etiquette. The prime topics of this spoken English course will be

  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Introduction to vowels and consonants
  • Nouns
  • Pronoun
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Adjective
  • Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection
  • Tenses
  • Active and Passive voice
  • Idioms
  • Punctuations
  • Implementation of Grammar in sentence formation
  • Building Vocabulary
  • Barriers of communication
  • Speaking and listening effectively
  • Phrases and Proverbs
  • Free Speech on various topics
  • Articles(Definite, Indefinite)
  • Written Communication
  • Composition Writing
  • Real Life Conversation Practice

The Intermediate Level Spoken English Syllabus: (Duration: 45 Hours)

The Intermediate level spoken English course is designed by experts at Aorta to meet the needs of the people who are actually struggling a lot with the way they speak English, moreover our spoken English course will help in learning new vocabulary, refine your pronunciation in English and make your communication way too good in real time situations. In short, if you have a very little knowledge in English and you wish to speak more naturally, then taking up this level of the course would be perfect for you. The prime topics of this spoken English course will be:

  • Basics of Communication Study
  • Grammar
  • Vowels and consonants
  • Nouns
  • Pronoun
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Adjective
  • Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection
  • Tenses
  • Active and Passive voice
  • Idioms
  • Punctuations
  • New Vocabulary usage
  • Pronunciation power guide
  • Intonation syllable stress
  • Sentence Formation Structure
  • Spoken English for the Real world
  • Removing fear of speaking English
  • Public Speaking Skill Set
  • Personality Development
  • Job Interview Skill Set
  • Extempore and group discussions
  • Accent Neutralisation
  • Comprehension
  • Audio Visual Training
  • Free Assistance after Course Completion

The Advanced Level Spoken English Syllabus: (Duration: 60 Hours)

The Advanced Level spoken English course is designed to enhance your spoken English skills to the next level. This course features practical dialogues through the explanation of English grammar that goes beyond the regular and fundamental system of learning English language. These prime topics of this spoken English course will be:

  • Advanced Vocabulary and Grammar Training
  • Voice and Accent
  • Commonly used idioms and phrases
  • Public Speaking and Personality Development
  • Mock Telephonic Calls
  • Mock Interviews
  • Writing Effective mails
  • Audio Visual training
  • Listening and speaking practice
  • Extempore and group discussions
  • Practice of appropriate word stress to gain clarity in communication
  • Identifying your fluency barriers
  • Sessions on bringing down nervousness and developing confidence to communicate
  • Improving presentation skills
  • Body language basics
  • Telephonic conversations with clients, customers, communication at office and with superiors.
  • Formatting a personal job resume.
  • Frequently asked questions and answers during job interviews.
  • Inputs for  successful job interview
  • Free Job assistance after course completion

Why Us: 

Adopting the most innovative teaching methodologies, Aorta is the best spoken English institute in Chennai, having a right blend of theoretical and activity-based sessions, and comes with lots of added advantages like  

  • Flexible Batch Timings. 
  • Individual Attention. 
  • Innovative, Interesting and Flexible Teaching Methods. 
  • Small Batches. 
  • Interactive and Enjoyable Sessions. 
  • Experienced Trainers. 
  • Mock Interviews Sessions. 
  • Tests of Vocabulary, Grammar and fluency of English are taken and reviewed every week. 
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