Even though Podcast took its form several years ago, it is on the track currently to bang the success in the business world. In this article let us explore why podcasting is essential to digital marketing

Captive Audience

As podcasts are usually aired in a specific domain, the audience listening to the particular podcasts will definitely have the interest towards that domain. A recent study shows that 70% of podcast listeners says that the products advertised in the podcasts they listen, come within the circle of their interests. Hence it is easy for brands to reach their desired target audience.

Low competition and fast-growing

A data by Statista, says that the number of podcast listeners will reach 115 million by 2021. On the other hand, if you see that Facebook has around 80 million pages but there are only 700,000 podcasts airing. Since podcasting is with potential target audience and low competition it is a competitive advantage for companies to position their brand. And it is a growing market with lots of consumers coming in day by day, it is the best time and place for the marketers to grab the opportunity.

User friendly

The usage of podcasts has started increasing since the introduction of smartphones and iTunes. Podcast holds the main advantage that the users can access it anywhere and anytime. With increased smartphone users nowadays the podcast has become a hit with millennial. As we know that millennial are highly capable of multi-tasking, the podcast is of great use to them as they can hear to it while doing other works.

Trust and Loyalty

Podcast listeners are usually attached to the host of the podcast topics they listen to. More than written and picture contents podcasts makes audience feel connected more to human. Soon after hearing to podcasts by a particular hosts audience will start trusting them and expects for the next episode.

Hence it is no doubt that the podcast listeners buy the products advertised during podcasts because of their trust and loyalty towards their host.


Compared to big and costly paid promotions podcasts are very cheap and you can scale your budget according to the audience. You can even create a good podcast with a device bought at a nominal price from online sites.

Brand Visibility

The main motive of every marketer is to make the brand visible to the audience and sooner to Convert them into their customers. Podcast does this very well. If you place your product in the apt podcast, no doubt you will hit the audience. Compared to social media with a tough fight for brand visibility, the podcast is the smart option to cover the customers.

I hope the above article on podcasting has added some value to you. Start airing your product soon!

Dhivya Manick

Dhivya Manick



 Dhivya is a fiction fanatic. She believes in the magic of words since words are great decision makers of situations. She is passionate about writing articles, poetries, and quotes. As a student pursuing MBA she wishes to convey the business concepts and her views on it through simple understandable language. Dhivya is currently writing articles focussing on business and management.

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