Social media is definitely a golden platform for business to connect with consumers and lead generation. And many companies do perform social media activities to lift the business. Of course, there are some mistakes in which the companies ignored as unimportant. Let us discuss about common mistakes done in social media marketing.

Marketing strategy and policy

Before starting your social media activities frame the social media policy for your company and make sure that all your employees who handle the social media platforms are aware of it. Instead of posting random promotional contents daily frame a strategy for your social media platforms according to your target audience. Framed strategy will help you not to go out of the box.

Multiple social media platforms

Having accounts in too many social media platforms and not putting enough efforts will not drive you positive ROI. You may think that you are expanding your circle but your effective performance matters there. Limit to maximum 4 accounts which is ideal for your business and do pour engagement and spend enough time which definitely leverage-positive ROI.

Multiple accounts in a single platform

Many companies will have too many accounts within a single platform in which it links to the one main account. These tactics is mainly followed to gather audience from diversified lanes. But this may backfire if you don’t work it properly. Audience may get confused about which is your original page thus reducing consumers engagement even though they are fond of your brand.

Going out of niche

Design your content strategy according to your target audience. Generalized content in order to acquire more followers may lead to an audience who are not your potential leads. Keep in mind that your contents and activities build a steady network who are your real followers.

Not all platforms are the same

Every social media is different in terms of its policies, functioning and mainly the audience. Posting the same contents across all the platforms may not result in what you expect. Understand the platform and its audience before you start your activities and think whether the platform will really lead to your potential customers.

Negative comments

Negative comments, many pages do ignore negative comments or delete them. Please don’t do that instead reply to them and divert to help or support page delivering them the reason. It’s not necessary to answer all the negative comments but there are comments which are really needed to be answered.

Analytics and results

Tracking is the must of all the activities you do in social media marketing. Analyzing the results helps you to know the perception of the audience through the engagement you get for your post. Make sure you analyze the correct KPI factors.

Irrelevant hashtags

Hashtag plays an important role especially in platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Linked. Do make sure you use the hashtag that reaches your target audience. Using trending hashtag which will not come under your niche may not lead you to the prospective consumers.

I hope this article helped you to sort out the mistakes to get yourself on the right track.

Dhivya Manick

Dhivya Manick



 Dhivya is a fiction fanatic. She believes in the magic of words since words are great decision makers of situations. She is passionate about writing articles, poetries, and quotes. As a student pursuing MBA she wishes to convey the business concepts and her views on it through simple understandable language. Dhivya is currently writing articles focussing on business and management.

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