Quora is a knowledge exchange platform where you can dedicate your quality time to enjoy quality pieces of stuff. It’s also a platform where you can share your real-life experiences by answering such questions. This is not a platform to stage your fake stories and emotions. Instead, it’s a platform where you can find “n” kinds of answers for one question. Here, you can also make friends dealing with the same interests. Moreover, you can just chill down on reading some light answers.

Ok, this is all about Quora. But what has Quora to do with or deal with marketing?

Is that new to you? Then you have landed on the right page.

Quora can be used to carry your marketing activities as effective as you carry marketing activities on  Instagram, youtube, email and such platforms. We all know that the B2B journey is powered and supported by content. Content is what at which every business is turning to keep an eye on. Quality content can increase your brand reputation, authority and can build your brand presence. Since many businesses started employing thought leadership marketing, Quora is a great place to start.

Quora is an evergreen information sharing platform where 300 million people visit every day to know what’s happening around them. So, by now you must have gained some understanding of what Quora has to do with marketing.

5 noteworthy measures

Find your audience

You can find your audience by installing pixel on your website that allows you to find your website visitors on Quora. The email list that you have can also help find your audience since they use a personal email address to sign up. Before adopting all these, a simple step that could make you find your audience is that start searching for topics related to your domain that have a good number of followers. That can give you a rough idea of the number of audiences that you can anticipate for a given topic.

Contribute the right answers

Contribute content by answering to the questions that can add more value to your brand. Be keen while answering because your answers have the chance of appearing in Google search results. Quora becomes an active and attractive platform for your brand when you start getting leads through righteous content. Answering a question as soon as it is posted can generate more views, engagement and upvotes.

Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience is a prime suggestion that would be given for marketing on any social media platform. However, you have to follow the same on Quora too. Response to the comments that you get for your answers rather than letting it unnoticed. Engage with the Quora community by asking questions and providing answers.  Comment, upvote and interact with other answers too. Being an active Quora user can improve your authority and gains your trust and attention.

Content distribution and FAQ’s

Distribution has to be done even if it is the greatest content. Good content with no views means nothing. Share your Quora answers with your other social media audience to get more mileage. Answer FAQs related to your organization and link it to the FAQ page on your website. Sharing Quora links with email subscribers can also help in improving brand awareness.

Measure your performance

Quora offers a free analytics tool to track your questions, answers, upvotes, clicks, views and shares. Using this information one can focus on sharing content that has great engagement.

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Neela Priyadharshini

Neela Priyadharshini



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