Nowadays, all companies are promoting their business through online means – Google and social media platforms. Do you have any idea how a promotion exactly works? – Here’s a simple explanation.

when a user sees an Ad post, be it Google or Facebook or any other online platform, they are redirected to another page on a single click. This webpage, that they are redirected to, is known as a landing page. Most companies do the grave mistake of redirecting the user to the homepage. But then, does a customised landing page serve the purpose of lead generation better than just the default home page?

Well, if a business has all its key information mentioned on the homepage and also has forms and chat options as a means to generate leads, then it’s good to do. Otherwise, it is best to create a customised lead generation page to generate leads. Else, you are ought to miss out on tons of potential business opportunities. 

Building Memorable First Impressions!

When someone gets redirected to our site, the first thing they notice is the heading. The heading should be short and also be relevant to the Ad. It should also be attractive enough to grab the attention of the user. Only then will he invest more time on your page. For example, a digital marketing training institute runs an Ad campaign for lead generation on social media, they should make sure that the visitor is redirected to the website which starts with a striking headline as to why the digital marketing training is special than the rest of the competition. 

“Content is King” – here too!

The length of the content on the landing page should be crisp and meaningful. It should consist of subheadings and properly backed with meaningful content. Make the visitor understand the content easily and remain engaged for a considerable time. Secondly, we need to focus on the image that appears on the landing page. The image should be attractive and explain the benefits that your product or service will bring to the user. An attractive image helps you deliver the intended information to the target audience in an effective way.

Play with Stats and Facts
Try to add some statistical information, facts and infographics if possible. For example, if your Ad is about Abacus training, you can talk about the benefits of Abacus training, how it improves a child’s mental maths skills, many students you have trained so far and parent/student testimonials.
Importance of Lead Generation Forms

The final and most important thing is a form! This is what helps a business generate business enquiries or leads. The form should have fields to collect details of the user and also try to gather information about their interest level. There are two major things we need to follow, the title of the form should make the visitor be interested to fill the form and the CTA button should differ based on the product or service offered. “Learn More”, “Apply Now”, “Book Demo Now” and so on can be used as effective CTA options.

One more important point to keep in mind is the compatibility of the landing page on both desktop users and mobile devices. It is also important for businesses to have their Ad copies and landing page content relevant to the “keywords” of their business. Make sure you add keywords in the page heading, subheadings, content description to help complement your Ad ranking and performance on search engines.

It is important that you seek the help of lead generation companies to build effective Ad campaigns for your business and generate genuine leads for your business. 

Abilash E

Abilash E



Abilash is a creative thinker. He has recently started writing articles to showcase his creative thoughts in the field of digital marketing. His self interest backed with creative thinking and analyzing skills has turned him into a blogger. With deep love towards creativity, he wants others also to experience the same magic. Abilash is also a graphic designer who comes up with out of the box thoughts when it comes to delivering a marketing message through creatives.

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