What if I told you that in-bound marketing works exactly like a Ferris wheel in a large amusement park. While Ferris wheel is the centre of attraction of any park, in-bound marketing strategies should be the centre of marketing activities for any business. The ultimate goal in both the cases – to bring in relevant target audience and create memorable experiences. Let’s dive deep!

How it Works!

      People enter the park, try spending time on different shops and small rides before they plan for their ultimate trip on the Ferris wheel. Children and elders start to walk towards the Ferris wheel with excitement. Ferris wheel is the center of attraction in that park. Let’s closely compare this situation with that of in-bound marketing. For a business, the first step is to attract your targeted audience towards the business, like what the Ferris wheel does in a large park. Now, the question is HOW? Lead generation agencies have the following methods to attract, through Commercials, Videos, Blogging, Social media advertisements. The method/content which we are going to use must stand out from others ideas which can make ours unique.With SEO and SEM, we help deliver our content to the relevant audience. We make it appear at the top of the Google SERP making it easier to discover. So, in a way, you act as the Ferris wheel attracting the audience towards your business.

Way Towards It:

      The Ferris wheel is always located at the middle of the park, which makes it tough to ignore. This is how our marketing activities should be. It should be done in such a way that it remains the center of attraction for our audience and makes it absolutely impossible to miss out. Be it social media posts or any any kind of branding activity, it needs to be the central point of attraction for your target audience. Your marketing activities should be well planned to resonate with them. There are some ways to keep them engaged. Companies which do B2B lead generation are a prime example for this. They come up with marketing strategies that push the target audience towards the business and helps generate enquiries.


      Finally, the child reaches the Ferris wheel and enjoys the ride. The child and other persons who took the ride thank the person who organised and monitored the ride. Similarly, the organiser thanks them back. This is exactly how a business relationship should work. As the process is done, make sure that the customer is happy and satisfied. This is what will make the customer come back to you again and again. It is all about constant delightful business experiences that keeps a client glued to the service provider.

There may be differences in the marketing strategies of businesses but the ultimate goal is the same – Bring in relevant audience, create memorable experiences and build long term meaningful relationships with them. However, the first and most crucial step of “bringing in relevant audience” can be done only by delivering strong content across different online channels. For this, you will definitely need the expertise of lead generation companies.

    Abilash E

    Abilash E



    Abilash is a creative thinker. He has recently started writing articles to showcase his creative thoughts in the field of digital marketing. His self interest backed with creative thinking and analyzing skills has turned him into a blogger. With deep love towards creativity, he wants others also to experience the same magic. Abilash is also a graphic designer who comes up with out of the box thoughts when it comes to delivering a marketing message through creatives.

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