Digital marketing is becoming essential for each and every business. Irrespective of the industry, size and nature of the business, every company needs a digital marketing strategy to compete in this digital world. Limiting yourselves to traditional marketing makes you unavailable for customers who are already online. Digital marketing is a simple, cost-effective and efficient way of reaching customers in today’s digitally-driven world.

According to Statista, at present, there are 560 million internet users in India and it is estimated to reach 650 million in 2023 and the stat also suggests that the digital population is growing day by day. Currently, there are over 400 million active social media users across the country. So being active on the online space will make your product/service available to a wider audience.

Effectiveness of Digital Marketing during COVID-19

Due to COVID -19 outbreak, some serious restrictions have been imposed by the government such as lockdown, social distancing and other safety measures have been taken to control the spread of the disease. This has resulted in people restricting themselves inside their houses and engaging in online platforms more than normal. What does this mean? If you could come up with a proper digital marketing strategy, you can easily grab their attention which can eventually result in a business opportunity.

Digital marketing for the Education Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown have paved a way for the growth of online education. It is estimated that online education in India will have 9.6 million users by 2021 and also the cost of providing online education is 30%-70% less than the cost of providing classrooms sessions. So, if you are running a training institute, then this is the right time to attract the attention of the online audience. Running targeted campaigns to the audience who could possibly pick up your course can result in effective lead generation.

Digital marketing for the Retail Sector  


source: statista 

According to Statista, people have purchased non-essential goods more from online platforms than from stores during this lockdown period. Also, reports suggest that many new players have entered into this segment as there is a huge demand prevailing in the economy. So, If you run a retail business, you can promote your products through various e-commerce platforms or you can also start your own website and operate within your targeted business area.


Source: redseer

 Is digital marketing helpful for all kinds of businesses? The answer is yes.

However, is it important that you need to be actively present in all the online platforms? The answer is a clear “No!”

Depending on your business type and where you consider your target audience is present, it is important for you to carry out online marketing activities in those platforms. If you cater to the B2C audience, you could prefer Facebook, Instagram and if you are targeting B2B clients, then LinkedIn could be a wise option. Google SEO and SEM could be a wise option both for B2C and B2B line of businesses, depending on your needs.

Well, there isn’t a guide book for you to refer and perform digital marketing activities. It’s always a series of trial and error activities that helps you figure out the right marketing mix for your business. Looking for the best digital marketing training in Chennai or digital marketing services in Chennai, Aorta can guide you through.

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Balaje is a self-motivated person. As a B.Com graduate currently pursuing an MBA, he has recently started to write blogs using simple words that easily resonates with the target audience. 

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