In recent years memes and meme creators have created a storm in the world of social media. The main reason such fame is the “humour” element behind every meme. Memes make people burst out with laughter and at the same time, has the ability to create awareness among the public in a subtle yet funny manner. Many of us still remember the moments which made us laugh even though it would have happened a long time ago. In this article, we will discover why humour is used in social media marketing and how it engages the audience.

Why humour?

Emotional trigger

Our body releases endorphins when we laugh and this makes our mind calm and drives away stress. When you promote your brand with humorous contents, it makes people laugh and develop a pleasant feel about your brand.

Speed of spread

Of course, many studies proved that humorous contents goes viral and spreads faster. People mostly like to share the contents which made them happy. Humorous contents generally result in more people sharing the post. 


As we discussed earlier, laughter makes the moment more memorable. Let us take the example of Netflix. Netflix keeps posting a short funny clip of any movie from their vast repository of movies. If you closely analyse, you will notice that 8 out of 10 posts done by Netflix on their social media channels has an element of humour attached to it, which eventually results in better engagement among the followers.

People feel connected

Humorous memes are often the sarcastic form of reality. Since it connects to reality, people can relate to these posts more personally and it helps create a relationship between the content and people.

How to blend humour with the brand?

Utilize the trend

Trend is something that holds social media tightly together. Blend humour with the trending news that hits the social media. The brand Oreo once did this during 2013 super bowl. Following the game’s delay due to blackout, Oreo posted a tweet with the spotlight falling on one oreo biscuit while rest of the images were dark. And this was the caption “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.”. The tweet went viral during that time.

Promote indirectly

Social media users are not people who simply browse through the newsfeed. They are so intelligent that they will be easily able to decipher what a business or brand is trying to do. However, if you promote a brand with humour, it creates engagement and helps breaks the ice. Charmin is a great example of this.

Be funny, not offensive

Humorous content needs be reviewed elaborately before they get posted. It should not be in an offensive manner that it hurts any person or business. Dove was once criticized for its ads regarding racism.

Humour and Brand fit

When thinking about adding humour element to your social media posts, it is important that you keep your brand value and business objectives in mind. Any sort of mismatch can affect your overall brand image and eventually affect your sales.

Dhivya Manick

Dhivya Manick



 Dhivya is a fiction fanatic. She believes in the magic of words since words are great decision makers of situations. She is passionate about writing articles, poetries, and quotes. As a student pursuing MBA she wishes to convey the business concepts and her views on it through simple understandable language. Dhivya is currently writing articles focussing on business and management.

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