Even the most savvy social marketers now find Twitter marketing to be a challenging channel.Finding marketing success on Twitter, like any other social media site, requires careful preparation and intentionality,if you want to stand out and keep your audience interested.

Creating a marketing strategy for Twitter marketing includes , 

Analyze your specific Twitter account

The first thing to do if you already have a Twitter profile is to do a Twitter audit.

You may get a better understanding of the kinds of content that your audience is most interested in seeing by looking at which Tweets are performing the best. Using this knowledge, you can design a plan that gives your audience what they want from your content while maximizing the reach and engagement you get from your Tweets.

Notice your Twitter Voice

Users on Twitter are looking for companies that tweet authentically and uphold their brand identity. It can be easy to follow the most popular trends on Twitter in order to reach a wide audience, but avoid doing so at the expense of your brand’s voice. Your Twitter presence should be real and consistent with your brand language overall, even though it may be more playful and informal than LinkedIn or Facebook.

Understanding the Hashtag Need

Nearly twice as many people engage with tweets containing hashtags as those without them. Even if this is a compelling statistic, you shouldn’t overuse hashtags in your Tweets. Utilizing hashtags can help you reach new audiences that might be interested in what you have to say and promote your business. Some businesses make up hashtags for a certain campaign, which they then use to categorize Tweets or to nudge their audience into sharing tweets with that hashtag.

Audience Engagement

Check when your audience is online, as every Digital marketing platform suggests to engage with the audience at their pace.Twitter is all about establishing a two-way interaction with your followers. Additionally, you must make sure that you are interacting with each individual who is Tweeting about your company. Many companies utilize Twitter to answer customer service inquiries.

Measurable Goals

Measurable objectives must be set for your Twitter marketing campaign in order to keep it on track. Set Twitter goals and objectives rather than just posting Tweets and hope for the best. Set aside time each month to evaluate your Twitter goals after you’ve decided what they are. Then you can evaluate what in your approach is working and what needs to be adjusted.

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