Let’s begin with a basic understanding of lead generation funnel. Lead Generation funnel is described as a real funnel, the process is to examine a large amount of customer and prospect data. At first, identify which of this customer data is viable as sales leads, and then convert these leads into clients at the end of the funnel. Funnels have different levels, each level focused on customer actions to develop them into businesses/subscribers. 

In the past, Amazon advertised on a demographic basis, and later they changed advertisements based on customer behaviour, needs, and targeting a customer. Each and every stage of the funnel is well-constructed to extract maximum value.

  • Awareness
  • Prospect
  • Engage


This is the 1st stage of the funnel. Amazon is one of the top five companies in the world in terms of brand value. Amazon has more than 12 million products. Amazon conducts social media campaigns to promote their products and educate the audience about their offerings.

From a B2B lead generation process, it is very important to create awareness about our offerings to the target audience. Businesses need to first understand what your business is all about, only then will you be able to implement your marketing strategies more effectively. Optimizing the funnel is more important as you enter the second stage of the funnel. Well-curated plans are needed to further attract your leads towards your business. 


The next step should ensure that these leads become customers who want to buy. In amazon, notice that if you searched for the product they show similar kind of product on the homepage, and recently viewed items are displayed at the bottom of every page. Apart from that, they use effective email marketing strategies to further develop an interest in products that customers have searched earlier. This is one of the best strategies used by most lead generation agencies to move the target audience towards the prospect zone.


Through all their efforts to capture and nurture them, they aim to make sure it becomes a positive conversion action. It is their ads on social media of attractive images, video content with attractive CTAs such as “buy now” or “swipe up” that generate more engagement. Amazon even has the habit of sending you emails and app notifications to remind you about the products you have left in your cart. It invokes the customers to take further action on the products they’ve been interested in.

With Facebook and Instagram growing as strong lead generation on social media platforms, any new business with limited budget can also enter the competition. They can define their lead generation strategies effectively using the different campaign types allowed by Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. Looking for strong lead generation strategies to take your business to the next level? Aorta Digital Services can walk you through that path.

Abilash E

Abilash E



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