search engine marketing services in Chennai

Search Engine Marketing Services in Chennai, India:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of driving traffic to your website by purchasing Ads on Search Engines. Search Engine Marketing initially comprised of SEO as well as paid search activities. Over time, SEM has become the synonym for paid search. Google Adwords is the most popular paid search platform used by search marketers. Then comes Bing. SEM being a paid search marketing technique requires lots of research and experience in this field to deliver maximum results. Right from picking keywords and setting bids for each keyword, a lot of experience goes into the work for bringing in the desired results.

Even though SEO is less costly than SEM, it is SEM that provides the strong base for SEO to be carried out in a hassle-free environment. We, at Aorta, promise you the best in class digital marketing support by blending in SEO and SEM in the right mix. Each and every click or view is a cost to the customer, and we make sure that each and every click is made worthy.

Adwords Campaigns:

  1. Search network campaign – Deliver ads in google and bing search network platform, we don’t just setup your brand campaign we actually optimise it to maximise the result. We challenge you nobody in Industry can optimise better than us and increase conversions.
  2. Display network campaign – Deliver ads in google display network platform, need to be more creative, analytical skill and choose right target audience are important in display campaigns. Our expertise team will take care of all these stuff for you and improve brand awareness.
  3. Product Listing ads Shopping campaign – Deliver ads in google shopping networks, need more analysis and implement tracking mechanism is challanging in PLA ads. We implement shopping ads with advance level of tracking to monitor PLA performance and ROI.
  4. Video network campaign – Deliver ads in google video network platform youtube, creative video creation & choosing right audience to reach your business is challange in Youtube ads. Our creative content production team will help you to create story based video for your business and present the same in front of your customers.
  5. Mobile app Install and Engagement campaign – Deliver ads in google mobile search and display network platform, promoting your perfectly build app on google play-store.
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