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A logo is one of the most important tools for brand communication. When you see the iconic four interlaced rings you immediately relate it to “Audi”. And when you see a “swoosh” symbol, you relate it to “Nike”. This is how strong a logo can get as your business starts growing. Without Business results and a strong customer base, a logo cannot reach it’s desired level. Let’s take an example of the e-commerce Giant Amazon. You hear words of an online delivery or see a courier person walking with a parcel, your mind immediately and involuntarily thinks of the a to z logo of Amazon. This is not just the name that the logo has created for itself. The company’s accomplishments and the reputation that it has built over the years is the reason for people to quickly relate to the logo of the company than the company’s name.

Another noteworthy example is Apple. Once you hear the word “Apple”, you are more likely to think of the “Bitten Apple” logo of Apple Company rather than the more obvious Apple fruit. The quality of products and a strong loyal customer base that Apple has yielded over the years is the sole reason for this. We see people buying Apple iPhones, MacBooks and Watches just for the brand value that it brings along with the product. The “Bitten Apple” logo all by itself stands as a personification of a rich premium trustworthy product. 

We, at Aorta, help companies build creative and distinctive logos that would best describe their business and brand as a whole. We make sure that the logos we create for businesses will take their own brand value as the businesses reach great heights. Each and every minute addition that we bring in to logo creation has a meaning of its own. Come work with us and build the logo that will effectively communicate your brand to the audience.

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