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Search Engine Optimization

With advanced level of optimisation, we help improve your website and app visibility. Our Team of experts handle all the SEO stuffs with care and provide well optimised results.

Content Optimization

When it comes to marketing, “Content is King”. We help translate your business ideas into unique content that communicate your company story and brand vision to the world.

Social Media Marketing

We help chase your potential customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram through social media marketing and provide you with quality leads.

Search Engine Marketing

Customers are the real numbers! We help promote your brand in such a way that significant engagement and business leads are generated in a search engine friendly way.

Lead Generation

Our Result-Driven lead generation strategy helps attract more customers towards your business. We audit and implement effective lead generation strategies that cater to all online marketing channels.

Branding & Marketing

When it comes to design ideas, you never know which ones will work. But we have a huge repository of ideas that keeps replenishing. The future is Digital and so are we!

Promote your Healthcare & Medicine Business

Be it a dental clinic, a multi-speciality hospital or a medical-equipment manufacturing firm, it is important for you to be present in the online space. Only with an effective online presence will people be able to identify your brand, your noteworthy services and that will help you improve your services and gain more profit.

It is important that the talking points of an institution are showcased in a remarkable way for the public to know more about you and thereby reach you.

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Search engine optimization ( SEO )

Rank your website higher up the search results page for queries made regarding medical services that you provide. It helps build your brand reputation.

Add value through Ads

While SEO takes time, through Ads you will be able to instantly target the people who are looking out for your medical services.

Social Media - Branding and Promotions

Social Media is a great platform for hospitals and clinics to showcase their praiseworthy accomplishments. Sharing and promoting success stories will only amplify your opportunities to serve the needy.

Generate relevant leads & Up your conversion ratio!

Struggling to generate leads for your business? We provide you with the best digital marketing services in the space of SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing that perfectly fits your business needs. Our designs and marketing strategies help build your brand awareness, amplify your brand presence and generate business opportunities

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Answers to Your Questions

Why do you need SEO services?

Through SEO services, you will be able to bring your website to the top page rankings for relevant search queries / keywords through unpaid ways.

How does SEM/PPC work?

SEM/PPC refers to promoting your website through paid Ads. Our online paid marketing strategies makes sure you get the maximum ROI.

How will I be able to keep track of the progress?

There will be weekly calls to monitor the progress of the online marketing efforts. In addition to this, weekly reports will be sent via mail.

So, how do we get started?

Aorta Digital Services is very particular when picking their clients. Only when we are sure that we will be able to provide the best results possible through digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM and SMM for companies, only then we will take up projects. A thorough plan is made through direct meetings and Skype calls to better understand the business requirements and the ideal online marketing strategies are framed

Do you support us with designs for social media posts?

Yes, our design team makes sure that each and every post created for your social media profiles stays well in line with your brand image.

Our Blog

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Tips for creating engaging video content

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The Importance of Content Marketing in the Digital Age

The Importance of Content Marketing in the Digital Age

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