It is important to know the difference between copy and content writing. But before diving into differentiating, let me help you and myself to be clear about what actually content and copywriting is and then I’ll take you along with me to the differences.


This may be a kind of writing task. But it is a way of communicating with the readers.  It is indeed an art of framing and conveying a message that entices and engages visitors. As the world started witnessing a surge in digitization, content writing has also become the most indispensable field. Every little business revolves around content and content writing is like weaving words to form an article, video, webinar, podcasts, webpages, blogs, etc… The one who weaves it perfect is simply called as a content writer.

            All bloggers can’t be content writers, but all content writers can be bloggers “

This is because a good content writer is expected to possess the following key skills

  1. Keyword research
  2. Competition analysis
  3. Search Engine Optimization (to rank higher)
  4. Peculiar writing standards and styles


Copywriting is a way of solely dedicating oneself to craft the perfect powerful message that can persuade readers and increases brand awareness. Copywriters spend hours to come out with a catchy headline to make the brand stuck in a reader’s head. Believe me or not, but the fact is copywriting is a million-dollar business and the toughest one at the same time. It doesn’t seem to be toughest anymore as soon as you excel yourself in understanding the target customer’s mind.

   ” Empathy and creativity are the 2 ty’s that would turn you into a highly paid copywriter “

Copywriters find scope in the areas of Email campaigns, Catalogs, Social media promotions, ads and in coming up with catchy slogans and taglines.

Now let’s dive into the process of identifying the differences so that we can gain even a more clear understanding.


  • Copywriting is carried out with the purpose to create sales and conversions

                Eg – FaceBook ad, webinar promotion script

  • Content writing is done with the aim to create engagement.

            Eg – Blog posts, youtube videos, etc..


  • Copywriting is one-directional and carried out with a key intention in mind. A copywriter can take the reader along the buying process and end in a way that the particular person chooses the call to action.
  • Content writing is multi-directional. It is more like a story or like a conversation that builds engagement with the readers.


  • Copywriters work towards increasing the conversion rate, sales and generate revenue.
  • Content writers concentrate on building brand loyalty, goodwill and value to the business. They look for likes, shares and comments.

Once, if brand loyalty is built strong, then revenue comes along the way. Content writers reduce the burden of copywriters and to end up, both content and copywriting are crucial for a business.

Neela Priyadharshini

Neela Priyadharshini



With a recent interest in playing with words, Priya enjoys writing articles that can cater good stuff to the readers. Destiny is something she strongly believes, that inadvertently turned her into a writer. With deep love for words, she also wants others to experience the magic.

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