First, let’s hop into the definition given by the content marketing institutes.

“It is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer action”.

To be much more clear,

It is a pure strategy that aims on building a healthy relationship with your target audience. Consistency and high-quality content are the pillars of content marketing. Make sure your content is in a way that can grab the audience’s attention. (i.e) For instance, there are a lot of people who see your content. But think about how well you can make them join your email list. There lies the initial success.

Content should have been poured in with words of helpfulness, hopefulness, kindness and availability. It should lure them in a way that they should be eager to share it with their friends.

This is especially a marketing strategy that is intended to create, publish and distribute content online for the purpose of attracting and generating leads.

There are three stages of your content getting marketed to our audience,





The first stage probably every buyer would have to come across with no hesitance is “AWARENESS”. Even though they have no intention of knowing you, your content somehow reaches them. But, as marketers, you and I have some intentions. We have to create opportunities of letting people know us.

After getting to know our brand through the content we marketed, it’s up to them whether they would be willing to show interest or not. But, make sure that we shouldn’t fail in teaching them something valuable through our content.

“SEO and powerful content marketing are the two ways for effective brand awareness”.


Imagine by putting yourself into the shoes of a buyer.

Will that be so nice greeting your guests by only giving a cup of coffee alone?

Similarly, awareness is not alone enough. We must keep creating content to continue attracting them towards our products.

On a positive side, let’s imagine we have got email sign-ups through the content marketing that created awareness among people. Now, we can greet them with e-books, interesting articles regarding our products, newsletters. These can build trust and makes your brand familiar among them.


This is the crucial part and the favorite part too. When trust is built, then people turn to us. Trust and familiarity can helps in decision making from whom they actually need to buy.

This is the stage where opportunities, number of orders, frequency and sales come into sight. This stage actually proves the worth of our content marketing efforts. Stage 3 can be successful if the foundation (stage 1 and stage 2) is laid perfect.

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Neela Priyadharshini

Neela Priyadharshini



With a recent interest in playing with words, Priya enjoys writing articles that can cater good stuff to the readers. Destiny is something she strongly believes, that inadvertently turned her into a writer. With deep love for words, she also wants others to experience the magic.

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