Each and every business needs to have a basic understanding of its brand and then only explore means to perform lead generation. Let’s start with what a brand image means. Brand image is the customer’s perception of your product or services and Lead generation is the set of actions or processes that involves identifying the potential customers towards your product or services. In this blog, we will see what is important in brand image and how it supports lead generation.

Audience – The detailed business analysis helps you identify your target audience. Before stepping to any decision, we need to plan it for a specific audience. If an ad is going to be published for a product or service, it needs to attract the age groups that will find use of it. For example, we all now know that the “Jio” brand is the most successful one in recent years, but they initially stepped in with the best deals (Free unlimited voice call and 1GB of data per day for a three-month plan) that attract different age groups. In this, we can see that unlimited voice calls mainly attract age groups 28+ and 1 GB of data per day attracts age groups 16+. Thus, Jio created a brand image and that helped them generate leads more easily.

Competitors Make your business unique. Offer products and services to consumers with a personal touch that is only unique to your brand and no other competitors can afford. Showing the difference between you and your competition is the best way to develop a stand-out and successful brand. Or else, you just get lost in the competition. Because of this difference, consumers consider you as a replacement, this is the lead for your business.

Website Design – Building an effective website will turn visitors into leads. A website reflects the quality of your brand and helps increase the visibility of your brand through well-curated online marketing activities. Keep the site user-friendly and add chatbots for better engagement. As for website design, make sure you follow the SEO standards to extract full value out of it. 

Social media – The advantage of social media is that they allow the business to contact customers, contributing to greater brand recognition. Content, offers, images, blogs can also be shared as a post which increases interaction with customers, which increases the engagement factor of a brand. We can also run an advertising campaign to reach potential customers. This is one of the best strategies for lead generation on social media.

SEO and SEM – Most people spend most of their time searching for a product or service online before jumping onto a purchase decision. So, it is important that we have our website listed on the web where people can easily access it and contact us. This can be achieved organically through SEO and through paid means by SEM.

Several agencies expertise in b2b lead generation strategies. As a business, it is important for you to understand your brand fully and take guidance from an agency that helps you perform lead generation activities keeping your brand as the central point. If you are looking for one such agency, then Aorta can surely help.

Abilash E

Abilash E



Abilash is a creative thinker. He has recently started writing articles to showcase his creative thoughts in the field of digital marketing. His self interest backed with creative thinking and analyzing skills has turned him into a blogger. With deep love towards creativity, he wants others also to experience the same magic. Abilash is also a graphic designer who comes up with out of the box thoughts when it comes to delivering a marketing message through creatives.

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