What is Omni channel Marketing?

A company’s brick-and-mortar stores, social media accounts, website, email accounts, and mobile devices are examples of touch points that are the primary focus of omni channel marketing. Due to this capability, customers can navigate fluidly between these channels without running into any roadblocks. This holistic strategy is distinct from a multi-channel strategy, in which the various touch points function in isolated compartments of the overall system. In a nutshell, an omni channel strategy eliminates barriers to centralizing the customer throughout the journey.

There are five main reasons why companies are moving toward an omni channel strategy.

Improve customer lifetime value

The customer is always put first in an omni channel experience, so it should be no surprise that customers want to stick with companies that put them in charge of their interactions with the company. It should not come as a surprise that top retail executives place a high priority on setting ambitious long-term goals. 

Expand your reach into new customer subgroups

Businesses stand to benefit from adopting omnichannel marketing because it makes it possible for them to expand their customer base. This benefit is nearly as important to leading retailers as to ‘others’ (48% vs 45%), but both numbers should be higher because acquiring new customers is essential to business expansion.

Improve the effectiveness of operations

The increased operational efficiency and decreased costs resulting from implementing an omnichannel strategy are two potential benefits for businesses. If a company implements an omnichannel strategy, it will only need to collect a customer’s data once instead of collecting it at each point of interaction. Developing a holistic perspective also frees businesses from the burden of developing and putting into effect individual strategies for each distribution channel.

Increase sales

Retailers looking to increase their revenue will benefit greatly from increased sales. According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, omnichannel customers spend 10% more money online than single-channel customers. However, this is one area where leading retailers, who make up 42% of all retailers, are not as focused on as others, who make up 57% of all retailers. Clearly, the most successful retailers are emphasizing long-term expansion, and they see the benefits of omnichannel marketing as being both strategic and structural.

Increase the frequency of inventory counts

The day’s retailers lose customers because the items they sell are out of stock. An omni channel strategy is advantageous for businesses because it gives them a more comprehensive view of their inventory and the ability to fulfill orders from any location. When businesses implement omni channel marketing, optimizing their stock levels and developing more intelligent replenishment procedures becomes much simpler.

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