Artificial Intelligence basically involves machines to think like humans. Artificial Intelligence is one of those technologies creating a storm in the field of business. As we know that there is no digital marketing without technology. In this article let us look into the Benefits if AI in Digital marketing.

Real-Time Tracking

The deep learning techniques in AI help the marketers to track and analyze the data of targeted customers. This analysis will clearly showcase the behaviour and activities of customers instantly. Through this, digital marketers can easily sort out which content performs better and which does not and can execute the appropriate strategies. Churn rate can also be reduced with the help of real-time tracking.

Predictive analysis

Several predictions are made not only in digital marketing but in the whole business itself before the execution of new strategies or plans. The predictive modelling techniques in AI compare the past and present data of customers and also predict the future outcomes. Decisions taken based on this are more accurate since the analysis is done accurately.

The Ad campaigns in Facebook and Instagram shows the approximate number of customers reached before the Ad campaign gets activated. This is a good example of AI predictions.

Personalization and Automation

You may wonder many times that how am I getting personalized newsfeed. This is where AI enters the game. Beyond analyzing and predicting the data AI can prepare more personalized contents that should be sent to individual customers. With advanced deep learning technologies personalization makes customers feel personally connected with the brand. A report by Gartner says that by 2020 most of the companies will use some kind of personalized marketing strategies.


Data is one major thing that digital marketing revolves around. Companies hold the important responsibility to keep that data more secure. With AI in hand companies easily maintain, store, and transfer the data. Biometric authentication serves efficiently for business data security.

Content Creation

If you see Amazon and Netflix, it suggests movies particularly of the genre you like and you may also receive emails which your friend may not. Brands like do not spend their time in writing personalized emails for every individual. AI can create content according to your target audience. Even big articles can be AI-generated. Even though it is not widely in usage, big brands like Forbes use partially generated AI contents.

Rate of Return

As we saw above the analysis, automation, and prediction by AI are more accurate than human the ROI is also high. Many business has increased their revenue due to high ROI.

I hope through this article you have gained some insights that how AI offers efficient benefits to digital marketing.

Dhivya Manick

Dhivya Manick



 Dhivya is a fiction fanatic. She believes in the magic of words since words are great decision makers of situations. She is passionate about writing articles, poetries, and quotes. As a student pursuing MBA she wishes to convey the business concepts and her views on it through simple understandable language. Dhivya is currently writing articles focussing on business and management.

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