Have you ever thought that why haven’t we started marketing on a platform that has one billion users when we market on platforms which has million active users?

Can you guess about which platform am I speaking about?

The SMS based platform WhatsApp, which has more users than Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is our center of attraction today.

Hope you all know what is WhatsApp?

So, I’ll dive into “Why WhatsApp?”

Two basic reasons

  • WhatsApp provides endless communication possibilities in the form of images, text, videos and voice messages. More than that, we can share locations and links in a very effective manner than on any other social media platforms.
  • While email has an average open rate of 40%, WhatsApp proves to be the most engaging platform outperforming email with an average open rate of 98%.

How to market your brand on WhatsApp ?

  • Start creating your account by setting up a profile picture (that depicts your brand) and a 25 letter character name. (Don’t use your personal number. Maintain an exclusive business account with a new number)
  • To just make your contacts aware of your website existence, add URL in your status ( but the link is not clickable, just a show-off). If you don’t prefer this, then you can add a brief description not exceeding 156 words in your status.
  • The next step probably every user does is creating a contact list. The main advantage of WhatsApp is its purest form of permission-based marketing. Either we can give them our number so that they will add us or we can get their number and add them into our groups.

Bonus tip

  • In other platforms, we can find groups related to our domain. In WhatsApp, we have to create such a group and add leads to our group (limit – 256 contacts).
  • To gain more followers into our group, we can target mobile users by generating a pop-up on their mobile. Another way to show our presence in WhatsApp is through promotions of posts in other social media platforms and even through effective CTA’s.
  • The next step ahead is building customer relationships through conversation. You can either build a highly personalised one to one conversation or one to many (conversing in groups). It’s totally up to you and their response also matters. You can categorise people based on demographic factors for your convenience. (divide and conquer)

Bonus tip

  • Don’t forget to set up some guidelines for your WhatsApp group and ensure whether group members stick to the guidelines.
  • After creating groups, as marketers, we have to remain active. We have to start offering them daily tips that revolve around our domain. Offer interesting and informative content.
  • There is another option called the “broadcast groups”. After you add participants into this group, the message you send in this group will go to everyone. To be clear, it is more like a personal chat with many people in a single click. As soon as they reply, it appears as a one-to-one message in your chat screen. There are chances when participants in a group never open your message. Broadcast group overcomes this.
  • We can’t expect people to attempt the task if it’s gonna take more than 2 minutes. That is why they feel lazy to add reviews, feedbacks and ratings. It keeps on redirecting them. Instead, in WhatsApp, we can just share the link of the landing page to ease the process.

Even though, there are still more creative ways to enhance your brand through WhatsApp marketing. Last but not least, Never invade their privacy, then you have to remain blocked for a lifetime.

Neela Priyadharshini

Neela Priyadharshini



With a recent interest in playing with words, Priya enjoys writing articles that can cater good stuff to the readers. Destiny is something she strongly believes, that inadvertently turned her into a writer. With deep love for words, she also wants others to experience the magic.

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