Reading technical articles is like drinking bitter guard juice for many people. Even some avid readers find less patience to read technical articles compared to reading fictions and self-help books. Why does this happens? In this article let us see how to write an interesting and engaging technical article.

Gain your subject confidence

Before you start writing the article make yourself comfortable with the topic or the particular subject you are going to write on. Do enough research and gain a clear picture of the concepts you are going to speak about. Prepare yourself such that you can explain the concept to a layman. You can have a rough rehearsal by speaking in front of the mirror.

You may ask that am I preparing for any public speaking. Definitely not in that way. This mirror practice helps you to gain confidence in yourself. But take care you don’t spend too much time on that.

Cover the readers at the beginning

As generally technical articles creates a sense of fear and hesitation among readers, as a writer you have the responsibility to break those fears and hesitations in the beginning itself. Start with inspiring success stories and anecdotes which create some realistic approach among readers towards the article.

Triggering the minds of the readers with interesting questions will also grab attention. One other alternative is to connect your topic to the current trend. Initial attention-grabbing is like laying a strong basement. So grab the readers trust and interest in the beginning.

Converse with the readers

Avoid writing articles like teaching or presenting. Engage the readers by writing the concepts through conversational style. Usage of words like you, your, and us will bring the article to conversational mode. This method often makes readers to relate themselves to the article thus creating more engagement.

Trigger the emotion

The main reason why readers find bored to read technical articles than stories is because of emotions. Of course, it is difficult to weave technical article with emotions. You can interpret the concepts through real-life examples and anecdotes to tempt the emotions. You can also share your personal experience with photographs or evidence so that readers find it much more interesting and connected.

Crisp, Exact, and Simple

Vocabulary plays a main part in technical articles. Many times readers find difficulty in understanding the technical terms in articles. Try to convey on the layman language as far as possible. Interpret the exact and crisp version of the concepts. Readers mainly read technical articles to get a clear picture about the concepts.

Finally, put yourself in the reader’s shoes and then write the article. I hope this article helped you to some extent to write a good technical article.

Dhivya Manick

Dhivya Manick



 Dhivya is a fiction fanatic. She believes in the magic of words since words are great decision makers of situations. She is passionate about writing articles, poetries, and quotes. As a student pursuing MBA she wishes to convey the business concepts and her views on it through simple understandable language. Dhivya is currently writing articles focussing on business and management.

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